Welcome to the Calvary Bible College website.

Keeping up with the advancement in communication and technology, the Calvary Bible College has made a digital shift by launching its website to convey and communicate about itself through digital media.

CBC is well known for its Oneness stand in equipping students for the varied ministry of the Church. We would like to see CBC as vibrant and relevant institution in the contemporary world. Over the years CBC has contributed much to the North East Indian Pentecostal Churches and Mission Fields in equipping servant leaders and saints and sending them into the world.

As a Bible College, we not only seek to provide textual knowledge but we focus on the all round physical and spiritual development of the student through the various programmes organized by the college.

Our mission is to provide educated, capable and spiritual leaders for the church who will serve the Lord in various ministries and make us proud.

Our Motto "Teach them to teach others" tells us the purpose and the activities in this institution. We remember that the command to teach is from God and we count ourselves a privilege to be able to teach the Biblically-sound doctrine of the full gospel of salvation to the young people who would in return be able to teach this truth to others.



Shillong, the State capital of Meghalaya is known as 'Scotland of the East.' The name is believed to be derived from a deity named 'Shyllong'. Originally, it was called 'Shyllong' but later changed to 'Shillong' by the British authority. Shillong till today is considered the most scenic, opulent and naturally beautiful hill station in India. Some people consider it as an "air-condition city" because of its cool but moderate climate throughout the year. The city is also the centre of education for the North Eastern states, because of the quality of education that is imparted to the students by the Colleges and the University. The Campus of the College lies in close proximity to the Shillong Fire Brigade, which is one of the landmarks in the city.


The Calvary Bible College was founded in the year 1970 by Rev. Harry E. Scism the then Missionary to India, through spiritual vision at Landour, Mussoorie, Uttar Pradesh. It was earlier known as Calvary Bible Institute and established with a purpose to train Pastors and Evangelists of the Church of North East India. In 1974, it was shifted to the present location, Springside Road, Jingkieng, Nongthymmai, Shillong-14. From the very beginning, the Institution has been instrumental in imparting and keeping the Oneness doctrine and theology.

The Silver Jubilee of this Institution was celebrated in 1995. In 2005, the Institution was then upgraded to College which offers the degree of Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) and runs for a period of nine months a year. And the name Calvary Bible Institute (CBI) was then changed to Calvary Bible College (CBC) in 2008. The College was registered under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, XII of 1983 on 31st August, 2012. The College was also affiliated to Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS), UPCI on the month of January, 2014.

The students and faculty of the College come from different parts of India, and thus provide cross-cultural experience and opportunities for growth in understanding other cultures. The College is also expecting to utilize the services of foreign teachers from time to time. Presently, the College hostel has enough rooms to accommodate at least 50 students. Those who graduated from the College are now serving as the Administrators of the Church, Pastors, Missionaries and Evangelists, etc in different parts of India, Nepal, and Myanmar etc.


The College is founded on the faith that God has called the Church to One Lord, One faith, One Baptism (Eph. 4:6), and to share this truth with all humankind through worship, witness and purposeful action. The College is a non-profit making charitable organization; it has been established to specifically achieve the following aims and objectives:

1. The primary objective of Calvary Bible College is to impart sound teaching (religious, moral, mental, social and physical) based on the principles of the Oneness Pentecostal faith to the young people so as to make them an effective and faithful Christian in the church and in our country.

2. This institution also aims at training ministers, pastors, evangelists, and missionaries in order to make them more effective and fruitful in their endeavor to work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. To uphold both spiritual well-being and material etiquette, and to promote Christian faith and education.

4. To foster fellowship with Christian institutions and build relationship with other educational institutions.

5. To provide opportunity for practical Christian Service and to inculcate missionary zeal.

6. To encourage the use of talents such as writing, speaking, music, handicrafts and leadership.

7. To inculcate healthy habits of physical fitness and disciplined life.

8. To increase sensitivity to the challenges facing the Christian worker today, by giving information concerning contemporary problems and issues and encouraging involvement for the promotion of equality, social justice and liberty.

9. To encourage participation in discussing and solving mutual problems.

10. To gratefully accept and receive all gifts and donations.

11. To receive donations, grants, contributions, prizes, scholarships, and other favours of any kind in specie, kind or money in any shape or form which patrons, members and well-wishers are pleased to favour the College.

12. To persistently strive to accomplish the aims and objectives of the Church.

13. To inspire the students to adopt the College motto, “Teach them to teach others” (II Tim. 2:2) as the guiding principle of their lives.

14. To maintain close links with the United Pentecostal Church International Headquarters (USA) as well as with every established United Pentecostal Church throughout the world that shares the same affiliation.


The college is affiliated to Global Association of Theological Studies(GATS), UPCI and registered under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, XII of 1983.


The following District Bible Schools are affiliated under Calvary Bible College :

Oneness Theological Seminary (Aizawl East District)
Ramhlun South Aizawl

Pentecostal School of Ministry (North Mizoram District)
Tuikhuahtlang Aizawl

Pentecostal Bible School (Lunglei District)
Chanmari Lunglei

Apostolic Bible School (Chhimtuipui District)
New Saiha