This is the highest governing authority of CBC. The Executive Board of the United Pentecostal Church of North East India appoints members of the Board for a term of two years.

The board comprises of :

Chairman : Rev. Lalmalsawma Sailo, General Superintendent, UPC NEI

Secretary : Rev. Lalpeklien Sungte, Principal, CBC

Members :
1) General Secretary, Ex-Officio - Rev. R. Lalrinsanga
2) General Treasurer, Ex- Officio- Rev. C. Zohmingthanzama
3) General Missions Director - Rev. R. Lalhawia
4) General Sunday School Director - Rev. R. Laichhingpuia
5) District Superintendent, N.Mizoram - Rev. Laltluanga
6) District Superintendent, Aizawl East - Rev. Rosanga Kawlni
7) District Superintendent, Central - Rev. Lalromawia Ralte
8) District Superintendent, Lunglei - Rev. R. Lalrosanga
9) District Superintendent, Chhimtuipui - Rev. Thangchunga Sailo
10) General PYD President: Pastor H. Lalropuia
11) General LAD President: Sis. Lalchangliani Sailo
12) Rev. VL Dika Sailo


The Faculty Committee consists of all members of the full-time teaching staff. It is the chief governing body within CBC and matters pertaining to academic programs, discipline, policies and the general life of the institution are under the purview of the Committee. The Committee meets from time to time to discuss matters relating to the academic life as well as welfare of the community as a whole. Students may bring their problems as a group or as an individual to the Committee through a proper channel.


Principal : The Principal is the chief administrative officer in the institution. He/she is acting as a Secretary to the Theological Education Board and responsible for financial matters and for all the affairs of the institution.

Registrar : The Registrar is responsible for all matters relating to academic programs. He/she is to coordinate all other programs when they are all integrated. He/she will take administrative responsibilities in the absence of the Principal.

Bursar : The Bursar acted as a Treasurer of the College. He/she assists the Principal and handles the financial matters of the institution and the hostel mess under the supervision of the Principal. He/she may also be assigned to do any other administrative works as and when the authority delegates him/her.

Teaching Faculty : The Teaching Faculty consists of the Fulltime and the Adjunct lecturers. Duties and in-charges viz., Chaplain, Student's Dean, etc. can be assigned to them by the Faculty Committee or the concerned authority as per the requirements.

Students' Dean : The Students' Dean will be responsible for all matters relating to the life of the students. He/she will be responsible for maintaining and keeping disciplines among the students.

Chaplain : The Chaplain will be responsible for all matters relating to worship and devotions. He/she will be responsible for maintaining and keeping a good devoted and spiritual life in the community.

The present Administrative Officers (2019) are :

Principal : Rev. Lalpeklien Sungte

Registrar : Rev. L. John Gangte

Bursar : Pastor C. Mangthangvunga

Dean : Pastor C. Malsawmzela

Chaplain : Pastor B.D. Kowarson

Teaching Faculty


Librarian : The Librarian is responsible for the administration of the College Library. He/she shall be assisted by the Student Librarians appointed by the concern authority.

Clerk : The clerk helps the Principal in overall administrative works. He/she also assists the Registrar and the Business Manager as and when need arises.

Peon cum Chowkidar : A peon cum chowkidar is appointed to look after and clean the Administrative buildings and the College campus. He/she also assists the Office Clerk as and when need arises. He/she must be alert and attentive in obeying the duties entrusted to him by the authorities.


Name : Rev. Lalpeklien Sungte
Education Qualification : B.A, B.D. (Serampore)
Post : Principal
Name :Rev. L.John Gangte
Education Qualification :B.Th. (Serampore), B.D.
Post :Registrar
Name : Pastor K. Lalthazuala
Education Qualification : M.A., B.Th., B.D.
Post : On Further Studies (2018-2020)
Name : Pastor C. Malsawmzela
Education Qualification : M.A. B.Th., B.D., M. Th.
Post : Dean
Name : Pastor B.D. Kowarson
Education Qualification : B.A., B.Th., B.D., M.Th.
Post : Chaplain
Name : Pastor C. Mangthangvunga
Education Qualification : B.Com., B.Th., B.D.
Post : Bursar
Name : Pastor L.S. Lalhruaisanga
Education Qualification : B.A., B. Th., B.D., M. Th.
Post : OTJ Editor
Name : Madam Enid Bloomy
Post : Adjunct Lecturer
Name : Lalhmingsanga Khiangte
Post : Office Clerk
Name : Evan. David R. Malsawmtluanga
Post : Adjunct Lecturer
Name : Kalvaria Darlong
Post : Office Assistant (Contract)
Name : Lalchhuanmawia
Post : Cook (Contract)